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Principles of Operation

Each vehicle equipped with a GPS / GPRS GuardSat equipment (it is small box with dimensions similar to a packet of cigarettes, with completely hidden installation) reports on an ongoing basis (every minute) viewable in a digital map. This position is viewed through an internet access, allowing the owner of the vehicle or vehicles, immediately know your location, as well as all trips previously made by them.

This system lets you connect different peripherals which can remote control some features of the vehicle and receive different types of alerts: collision warning, warning of theft, threatening the driver, lock or unlock doors remotely lock and unlock the car, etc.

At a time when we witness an increasing number of robberies and car hijackings, including its occupants (carjacking), we understand that the GuardSat GPS / GPRS system is the most complete and effective solution to fight this type of situation.

The GuardSat GPS / GPRS system is specifically designed to provide the highest level of security, whether in case of an assault or an emergency or later in case recovering the stollen vehicle.

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