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GuardSat is looking intensively to expand its distribution network in all regions of the globe such as:

- Africa
- Asia
- Australia and New Zealand
- Europe
- India
- Mexico and Central America
- Middle East
- South America
- United States and Canada

Advantages of becoming a distributor of GuardSat:

Each distributor is secured exclusive sales rights for the products and services of GuardSat in your geographical area. This allows distributors to control GuardSat sales in their regions and to establish their own sub-distribution networks.
Distributors are responsible for managing their customer base and are also responsible for the pricing structure in the products of GuardSat in your area. This allows distributors GuardSat establish the price structure they deem proper without any interference.
GuardSat has a dedicated team to support distributors at any time. Some of the tasks are carried out include:

- Help to distributors and dealers to establish and start selling products GuardSat.

- Training in all areas relevant product GuardSat (eg installation, maintenance, technical the sale, specific uses, etc.).

- Availability of promotional material and marketing for both retail outlets and for presentations.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of GuardSat products and services, request a proposal and a remote presentation of this solution.

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