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Fleet Management

- Principles of Operation

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- Productivity / Competitiveness

- Cost Reduction

- Planning / Organization

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To manage, control and locate your vehicles with GPS GuardSat equipments connected to the Internet is to have a custom business tool available, reliable, effective and essential to a full command of your vehicles, business and services. This tool allows you to make a high-tech visualization at all times of your fleet, as well as an analysis and early assessment of the behavior of your employees and their business results while reducing costs to the vehicle, allowing you to work all the information available in reports (historical) to benchmarking, planning, distribution, optimization of work and rational use of the fleet.
Investment in a solution of Location, Control and Fleet Management GPS GuardSat, is recovered in a short time and in full.

Cost reduction and increased productivity

  • System through its proven functionality allows a reduction of costs.
  • Discipline and responsible drivers/workers
  • Condemns the lack of punctuality of time
  • Confirms work done (days/hours and time spent on site)
  • Reports of the use of worker time and vehicle
  • Justified overtime
  • Help the distribution of work
  • Increases productivity
  • Inhibits the use of the vehicle outside working hours and week-ends
  • Reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs
  • Avoid deviations from planned route
  • Motivates the employee(s) to work professionally and efficiently
  • Rational use of the fleet
  • Help to establish incentives for better job performance
  • Helps to known tolls and justify costs
  • Find the car through the system is cheaper (and reliable) than text or phone the driver
  • Justification valid in case of disputes through reports of the fleet and driver

  • Improved quality of customer service

  • Information accurate and timely completion of each service
  • The customer can browse through the Internet or mobile phone or any other position because of the car (can be created limited access levels)
  • Greater assurance and confidence to the client
  • Ability to print reports for delivery and demonstration of the service running
  • Immediate response to customer requests

  • Reliable data for business planning

  • Allows a study based on detailed, reliable and objective data
  • Planning of routes, adjusted efficiently through the studies on information provided by the daily activity reports
  • Choose closest vehicle to the next job

  • Security of information, vehicles, passengers and cargo

  • Improves driving habits
  • Most drivers will respect traffic rules and speed limits and have less accidents
  • Support vehicles with problems
  • Can track and trace stolen vehicles online
  • Argument for better negotiation of insurance premiums (claims and theft)
  • Argument for justification of fines (speeding, violations of traffic regulations, etc.)
  • Control mandatory rest, check the time needed to rest between courses
  • Avoid mistakes or deviations from the planned route
  • If an accident occurs you can prove where the vehicle was at that moment and how fast it was moving. You can easily determine if the driver is to blame for the accident

  • Legality of GPS System

    The GPS system locates vehicles and not people, but you should always inform your employees that vehicles are being followed.

    Privacy of collected data

    Access to the data of the fleet is only possible through your personal password, unless it is released no one else has access to any information.

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