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The fleet management and transport logistics is now a growing concern for companies and managers. There was a rising inflation both in terms of fixed costs, such variables, which can not be passed on to the consumer due to the proliferation of services and increased competition in all sectors. The only way to combat this problem is to reduce costs.
But as "What you do not know if you can not control", the accomplishment can be almost an impossible task.

GuardSat through a fleet management system GPS with an Internet connection, has the solution to help detect, quantify and control these problems. Just a simple highlight of some parameters and that you can take advantage of this application.

Some examples of the advantages and where they can be applied:

Commercial Vehicles: playback routes and stops dead times, better use of time and drivers vehicle, helps to attract new business, demonstrates visits to customers, increases productivity and profitability of fleet and billing time.
Technical Vehicles: unquestionable demonstration of service, eliminate confrontations with your customers, you can defend yourself from false accusations, complaints to third parties can be more effective, check the hours actually worked, hours worked to control screening of productive time, eliminate non-payment of overtime actually worked, motivate employees to work professionally and efficiently, knowing where the vehicle is at very moment, know if this is the closest vehicle to a customer with an urgent request (rational use of fleet)

Distribution Vehicles: accurate information and timely completion of each service, instantly know any deviation to the planned route, identify any delays in the route and inform the customer of the expected time of arrival, helps train new employees or improve existing knowledge and control over speed, improves driving safety, competitive advantage over other companies.

Vehicles to transport personnel, children, sick persons, emergencies, trailers, flammable cargo, or goods: either to construction work or other places of service, the system allows online viewing of the position of the car and report the time of arrival, stay and departure from specific locations, it allows you to know and control speeding, most drivers respect the traffic rules and speed limits and will have fewer accidents, improves safety driving, less mechanical wear.

The success of the GPS is mainly due to the precision, speed and economy offered. In fact, the whole system offers a unique set of advantages, successfully replacing many other techniques that, although accurate, are time consuming, unreliable or expensive.

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