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The GPS system consists of a small intelligent module (outer metal box 11 cm x 7 cm x 3 cm) is composed of:

  • Modem GSM / GPRS communication
  • GPS Receiver with 20 channels
  • Internal circuit processing
  • Two antennas (1 GPS antenna + GSM antenna)
  • Cordset connection

  • How is it installed?

    The installation of GPS system is a network made ​​by National / International certified technicians GuardSat

    The GPS equipment and antennas are installed in the vehicle, completely hidden, without altering or damaging the vehicle. The equipment is connected to a 12V or 24V with very low power consumption (around 100 mA) similar to the consumption of a typical mobile phone.

    At the time of installation and for additional information on location, speed, km's, the ignition key is also connected so we can record (on/off).

    The estimated time for installation and testing: 45 minutes

    How does it work?

    All information recorded in the vehicle either by GPS or the inputs, is transmitted in real time via GSM / GPRS to GuardSat internet hosts.

    All vehicles equipped with GPS system are hosted in a web server, dedicated exclusively to collecting, recording and processing of information received by the vehicles.

    The data collected includes the vehicle position, speed, km, direction of movement, state of the ignition, etc.

    The information collected is recorded on the server and processed. Thereby available for consultation via the Internet.

    This information collected is used for processing of reports, is stored in history indefinitely and may always be consulted to clarify any situation.

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