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Fleet Management

- Principles of Operation

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Principles of Operation

Each vehicle equipped with a GPS / GPRS GuardSat equipment (it is small box with dimensions similar to a packet of cigarettes, with completely hidden installation) reports on an ongoing basis (every minute) viewable in a digital map. This position is viewed through an internet access, allowing the owner of the vehicle or vehicles, immediately know their location, as well as all trips previously made by them. The client has access to all information through reports and charts, daily activity of the vehicle (historic), which can be analyzed

- Track made with indication of location and time of beginning and end of trips
- Places where the vehicle parked giving the time of arrival and the time spent there
- Mileage on each route and cost per trip
- Vehicle speeds (allowing the costumer to immediately alert the driver of excessive speed, excessive wear of the vehicle and possible fines).
- Collection of ignition status
- Placement of Markers (points of interest) where the customer can create and identify the various locations in a personalized way for faster and practical analysis of parking places of your vehicle, eg, corporate headquarters, customers visited stores, warehouses loading or unloading, the driver's home, restaurant, gas station, etc. (This identification creates overlaps with any existing address on the map may be amended or withdrawn at any time.)
- Data can be exported to Excel and PDF
- Consultation of the position of the vehicle(s) or other data via mobile phone or PDA
- Ability to send automatic email reports to predefined email.

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