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GuardSat Portugal was established in 1996 being the 1st company in the sector of automatic vehicle location to begin operations in Portugal. We are part of an International Group which started its activity in 1988 that has as main objective the development and marketing of equipment location and security, which serve the most diverse applications (location of vehicles, goods, movable objects, people, etc.. ). Right now the technology underlying the location is based primarily on satellite triangulation system coupled with GPS systems, GSM / GPRS communication.

To serve as appropriate the requirements of local markets, GuardSat has distribution, marketing and servicing networks of their own, in all countries in which it is based. A team of 620 professionals working with the constant aim of providing all customers the best GuardSat availability of products, systems and services according to your needs, and a price / quality advantage.

Inside the World Ranking of mobile security companies (Tracking, GPS / GSM application security, GPS / GSM applied to logistics) to GuardSat is currently leading with about 1.5 million devices installed and running.

In Portugal, some 8,000 have installed equipment in various activities, and wish we could come to include it briefly as our privileged guest.

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